The Babymuhmuh is now ONLINE

Hello muhmuhs!

It’s back to work for me this week after 3 weeks of vacation – yes! THREE WHOLE WEEKS. I wouldn’t really call it a “vacation” because as a mom of 2 (5 year old daughter and 4 month old son), I’ve got my hands full PLUS all the excitement if the holidays rolled into one exhausting but extremely satisfying holiday ever.

Why exhausting? First, I have 2 kids. TWO. KIDS. That’s enough reason already. In between changing our baby boy’s nappy, our 5-year-old Ate (it’s a filipino term for big sister) would ask for her Carbonara or a drink or her milk, or whatever she can think of. Yes it is exhausting but I wouldn’t give it up for the world to be called a Nanay (filipino term for mom).

Second, holidays is as it is hectic – with all those lunches, brunches, dinners and reunions to attend! We have a bunch of balikbayans (means Filipinos who return to the Philippines from abroad for vacation) this month for my grandpa’s 100th birthday celebration.

Third, I have ALOT of plans for 2019 and I can’t stop thinking about it because I am so excited! There’s opening a TpT store, a Facebook page for my hobbies, and re-opening my online cloth diaper shop and ALOT more. The problem is, I just don’t have enough time to do all of it so I need to plan, plan, PLAN.

For two years, I’ve been using a Classic Happy Planner to help me with all of the planning at home and at work. This year, since I am lounging a huge diaper bag, I needed something small and handy but still functional – so I thought of merging both of my loves – Bullet journalling and Happy planner.

I’ve used an old Mini Happy Planner cover and mini note inserts plus the classic hot pink metal discs and voila! This is now my on the go Bujo-HP, I am still thinking of a name for it though 😁

Here’s to a much better year! Cheers and see you all soon on my next post.